"I’m losing sleep,  I’m losing friends, I’ve got a love hate love with the city I’m in.  I’ll count the hours, Having just one wish If I’m doing fine, There’s no point to this”
Touchè Àmore - Honest Sleep



do you ever just NEED to cuddle with someone? like just being in physical contact with someone and having them hold you really tight can solve all of your problems?


Ugh. Yes. I havent had much affection since last year at sometime…

Also one little tip for the guys that go to concerts…DO NOT fucking try to cope a feel on a girl. That is disrespectful. Unless you are dating her, or you guys have a thing, dont fucking do it. Just enjoy the music.
/End rant.

Whitchapel was fucking amazing tonight. I saw Cruel Hand and Carnifex and 2 other bands as well. I had a pretty solid night with some chill ass friends. 👌



eye see you ~ finished just now