We love days where we can stay in bed all day and make each other cum, this was one of those days / weednymphos

I think each and everyone of us has a fond spot for days like this. Thanks for sharing a part of yours with us. 

Heres some thoughts for the night.
I wanna dye my hair like a teal or purple or some shit,
But I can’t cuz my work wont allow it.
Im going to Arizona in 2 weeks and I’m so excited.
I need to start working out again
My head hurts like a bitch right now
I need sleep



Drew’s mountain range is really comin’ along.  I’m particularly proud of this piece so far.  New needles, different inks, new machines, new techniques, all within the past two or three months. by bones! on Flickr.

This is amazing

In turning 20 in 2 weeks..what?


The Story So Far | Swords and Pens | radiicvl edit

Haha grow up. I can’t stand when people get mad over the stupidest shit. Like im sorry that im just so straight forward sometimes, but forreal. Please chill out and stop moping around like your life sucks. You’re life isnt as bad as it seems, its too short so just be happy for once. Please.


I would really like to know what the fuck my neighbors are doing upstaris at 3 in the morning. Stop pounding on the damn floor. Ugh.

Update: just used a broom and yelled at them to knock it the fuck off…still pounding away..